Coffee production and Trade in Kerala


Kerala is one of the chief producer of coffee in India.The major Coffee variety grown in Kerala is Robusta with a share of 95% in planted area.Robusta coffee plants require less labour as it is sturdier and requires lesser attention in the form of pesticides. The Robusta coffee plants last upto 60 to 80 years.

Due to the caffeine content, coffee often has a stimulating or energizing effect on humans.

In Kerala coffee sector is marked by a large number of small farmers.About 77,210 coffee farmers are in Kerala, including 59,621 growers in Wayanad, 17,035 in Travancore and 554 in Palakkad .Coffee provides livelihood opportunities to nearly one lakh families, including agricultural labourers.

Places in Wayanad,Nelliampathy,Kottayam,Munnar,Gavi,Vandiperiyar and Nenmara of Kerala are famous for their coffee plantations.The coffee seeds are deplumed and dried up when they reach the stage of maturity.

Out of the total Coffee export from India the highest contribution is from Cochin port .Coffee production in Kerala is projected to touch 59,000 tonnes in 2009-10.According to the Coffee Board, coffee cultivation is spread over 84,696 hectares in the State, including 67,366 hectares in Wayanad district , 12,680 hectares in Travancore and 4,650 hectares in Nelliampathy in Palakkad district.