BSNL Kerala Value-added service (VAS)


Introduction to some of the Value added services provided by BSNL Kerala.

Classical Leased Line circuit

Leased lines are the most popular method of connecting corporate networks.BSNL provide Speech as well as data circuits.They are the most secure and reliable type of voice and data connection.Data circuits provide dedicated data path between two points.It offers a choice of high, medium and low speed leased data circuits.Private Data Network,Closed user group and International leased circuit solutions are available from BSNL.Speech circuits are used to setup Hot Line or Private wire between two locations in one city/different cities for the same applicant.Terminating equipment at either end is telephone without dialing facility.

Managed leased line network(MLLN)

Managed leased line is an advanced version of classical leased circuit.The state of art MLLN service is specially designed mainly for having effective control and monitoring on the leased line so that circuit efficiency is increased and down time is minimized.Features of MLLN include bandwidth management as per the customer demand,Pro-active maintenance,without waiting for customer to book a complaint.Alternate routing in case of any route failure.Network terminal unit is supplied by BSNL on rental basis.Time dependent bandwidth management on customer request.

MPLS based Virtual private network (MPLS-VPN)

To keep pace with the latest and varied value added services to its customers,BSNL uses IP/MPLS based core to offer world class IP VPN services.BSNL MPLS-VPN is most foolproof and fast effective way to transfer business data among offices located in different parts of the country.MPLS based VPNs reduce customer networking complexity, costs and totally do away with the requirement of in-house technical work force. Rather than setting up and managing individual point-to-point circuits between each office using pair of Leased Lines, MPLS VPN customers need to provide only one connection from their office router to a service provider edge router.

Internet leased line

Leased Line Internet Service is a permanent and dedicated connection to the Internet which is always available .It is scalable in terms of band width and is highly reliable compared to dial-up internet access.The Leased Line Internet Service is very much essential for Service providers on content applications and having network consisting of Web Server, Mail Server, Database Server and Proxy Server.Customers who need to run mission critical applications 24 hours a day.Customers who want to establish their VPN (Virtual Private Network )connecting their branch and remote offices to Central Office.Customers who require high band width.Internet Dhabas and Cafes.

Broadband service

BSNL broadband service offers High speed Internet access with speed ranging from 256Kbps to 8Mbps.BSNL broadband keeps you "Always connected "to Internet.ADSL 2+ Technology allows both high speed data and telephone services simultaneously on single line.The services that would be supported includes always-on broadband access to the Internet for residential and business customers, Content based services, Video multicasting, Video-on-demand and Interactive gaming, Audio and Video conferencing ,IP TV,Virtual Private Network (VPN) service etc.


3G services facilitate faster connectivity and enable applications such as Audio-video calls,Mobile Broadband,Internet TV, video-on-demand and Video PRBT.BSNL 3G tariffs are affordable for all type of customers.3G data card is also available from BSNL for fast internet surfing.3G CUG/VPN plans are available from BSNL.

BSNL Wimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)

WiMAX is an IP based Wireless Broadband Access Technology utilizing IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard as the air interface.User can expect to have broadband access speeds ranging from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps.WiMAX will provide broadband connectivity anywhere, anytime, for any device and on any network.No Wire and telephone connection is required for accessing WiMAX wireless broadband.

BSNL Web Hosting Service

BSNL has buit up multi-terabyte storage for offering web hosting services to its customers.BSNL data center is equipped with fast servers on powerful and robust hardware and sizebale amount of Internet Bandwidth.Unix and Windows based servers are available for web hosting.Other features include Mysql/ Oracle data base hosting,server side scripting:CGI,Perl,Java.PHP,SMTP POP,WAP and many more features

BSNL Trivandrum SSA VAS section is at CTO building,Statue,Trivandrum