Ayurvedic Grithams

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Ghrita are preparations in which ghee is boiled with prescribed Kasayas (Decoction) and kalkas of drugs according to formulation as per Ayurvedic formulary.


Kalyana Ghritham


Asoka Ghritham

Karaskara Ghritham

Rasnadasamoola Ghritham

Aswagandhadi Ghritham

Mahakalyanaka Ghritham

Saraswatha Ghritham

Bhrihal Panchagavya Ghritham

Mahakhadira Ghritham

Sathadhowtha Ghritham

Brahmi Ghritham

Mahathikthaka Ghritham

Sathavaryadi Ghritham

Brihachagala Ghritham

Mahathryphala Ghritham

Sukumara Ghritham

Dhanwanthara Ghritham


Thikthaka Ghritham

Dhathryadi Ghritham

Narasimha Rasayanam

Varanadi Ghritham

Gulguluthikthaka Ghritham

Padoladi Ghritham

Vasthyamayanthaka Ghritham


Panchagavya Ghritham

Vidaryadi Ghritham

Jathyadi Ghritham

Phala Ghritham